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  • What is a CVV code on bank cards in foreign currency?

    The CVV code is a three-digit code on the back of a bank card. As a rule, these are the last three digits of the indicated seven on the back of the card. It is also important to note that for security reasons, it is strongly recommended not to share the CVV code with third parties, as this data makes it possible to manage your card via the Internet.

  • How can I change the pin code of a bank card?

    You can change the pin code of a bank card of the national payment systems UZCARD and HUMO through any trading terminal, ATM or at the bank where the bank card was opened. Holders of bank cards of international payment systems can change the pin code at ATMs and servicing banks.

  • Is it possible to cancel a payment if the seller withdrew the amount from the bank card twice?

    It is possible to cancel a payment through a trading terminal in certain national payment systems. It should be noted that this operation can be carried out if this service is provided for in the agreement between the merchant and the acquirer.

  • What should I do if my credit card has expired?

    It is not possible to extend the validity of a bank card. In case of expiration of a bank card, it is necessary to apply for a new bank card by visiting the bank or through remote service channels (official websites, mobile applications, etc.).

  • My bank card was found after I contacted the bank, it was blocked by the issuing bank. What to do?

    In such cases, you must contact the issuing bank with an identity document, as well as apply for card unlocking.

  • Why do banks charge fees to withdraw cash from ATMs?

    According to the law, banks are independent in setting commissions. It should be noted that a certain part of the proceeds from the commission for cashing out funds go to cover the costs associated with the purchase and maintenance of ATMs, as well as the rental of a place. It is also possible to cash out funds from a bank card account without interest in a servicing bank.


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