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Foreign economic activity

 ASIA ALLIANCE BANK Join-Stock Commercial Bank, being one of the dynamically developing banks of Uzbekistan, in accordance with the applicable legislation, provides the services in all kinds of foreign exchange transactions, including those conducted under foreign trade, credit agreements, loan agreements as well as foreign exchange transactions conducted for non-trading deals.

Highly skilled specialists of ASIA ALLIANCE BANK provide free consultation of the Bank’s clients at any stage of dealing. Applying the recommendations of skilled specialists in the work allows the Bank’s clients to negotiate contracts on the conditions conforming to the standards of currency regulation.

All the branches of ASIA ALLIANCE BANK provide the full set of services in foreign currency operations.

The foreign currency transactions accounting sections of the Bank’s branches can give recommendation regarding formulation of the payment conditions of contracts fully in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan as well as recommendation for the most beneficial methods and conditions of settlement of accounts.

Starting from October 3d, 2016 new version of the United Information System of Foreign Trade Operations (UISFTO) was launched. Input of data into new database is performed by means of program softs “FEA contract” and “E-contract 2”.

To support the quality of Clients’ services the Bank holds consultations into the program “E-Contract 2”.At the same time hotline number 71-231-60-00 or 71-231-60-27 at the Head Office of the Bank is open to register Clients’ complaints and offers with regards to  this service.

Basic foreign currency operations conducted in ASIA ALLIANCE BANK:

- Registration and record of foreign trade contracts;
- Operations for trade financing, including letters of credit, guarantee operations;
- International money transfers;
- Operations with foreign currency in cash;
- Conversion operations;
- SWAP deals

Specimens of key forms for filling and submission to the bank are given below for downloading

Application for foreign currency purchase
Size: 53.50 KB
Format: doc

Payment application
Size: 55.50 KB
Format: doc

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