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Retirement of bonds

Form of redemption of bonds:

Bonds of this issue are redeemed only in cash in the national currency of the Republic of Uzbekistan in non-cash form.

The procedure and terms of redemption of bonds, including the maturity date:

After the expiration of the circulation of bonds, the Bank undertakes to redeem all the placed bonds with a purpose of their further redemption and cancellation in the procedure prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Redemption of the bonds of this issue is carried out within 10 days from 2 557th (two thousand five hundred and fifty-seventh) day, from the date of the placement of the bonds.

If the payment date of the repayment amount falls on a day off for bank settlement transactions, then the due amount is paid on the first working day following these days.

Cash payments to bond holders at the time of redemption of this issue of the bonds are made by transferring cash (nominal value and interest income for the last intermediate period) to bank accounts of bond holders, based on information from the register of bond holders generated by the central registrar as of 2 557th day from the date of the placement of the bonds.

Based on the written request of an owner of the bond, the money due to him can be paid to the investment intermediary of the owner of the bonds with the subsequent transfer to the personal account of the owner of the bond.

The redemption of the corporate bonds of the Bank is additionally guaranteed by the reserve fund of the Bank.

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