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A medium-term development strategy of JSCB "ASIA ALLIANCE BANK" for the period 2017-2020 was approved at the Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders of the Bank on January 31, 2017. The Bank strategy determines the goals and objectives of the Bank for the medium term, in accordance with the main activities of the Bank for further reforms and enhancing stability of the financial and banking system of the republic.

Development strategy of the Bank is aimed to ensure growth of the investment attractiveness and shareholder value of the bank through implementation of a more complete and effective use of its potential for further development and support of activities.

The main directions of the strategy

1. Further strengthening of the bank's competitive positions in the main market segments: improving market share by volume of assets, loan portfolio and deposit base, capitalization, investment portfolio;

2. Increase of investment activity and volumes of financing in the field of modernization, technical and technological re-equipment of the economy, as well as active participation in the financial support of small businesses and private entrepreneurship: improving the structure of the Bank, improving the organization and improving the efficiency of structural units in the lending sphere, strengthening of human capacity. Diversification of the loan portfolio with an increase in the share of small business and retail loans. Differentiation of the product line for the target segments in order to increase competitiveness. To ensure high quality of the loan portfolio by improving work in the field of project evaluation and monitoring based on modern risk management methods, expanding cooperation with credit history institutions and applying advanced scoring models.

3. Development of corporate business: implementation of a client-oriented business model that allows providing high-quality, timely customer service while maintaining the profitability of banking operations at a sufficient level. Focus on the target category of customers in the selected priority sectors of the economy by the Bank and to strengthen long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with them based on the principle of integrated services and development of a customer service managers system.

4. Development of retail business: transition from offering individual banking products and services to local population to the formation of an integrated model of interaction with customers, which shall meet most of their needs in financial services and serve a significant proportion of operations. Development of the product range and all sales and service channels is the formation of a fully functional multi-channel customer service system and further development of the transaction business through cross-selling, expanding the product offer and transferring most of the transactions to automated sales and service channels.

5. Improving the effectiveness of the Bank's operating model: improving the Bank's management system, automating and optimizing business processes, standardizing banking products, and increasing labor productivity;

6. Development and modernization of the existing IT infrastructure of the Bank: further development and introduction of promising innovative technologies, improvement of telecommunications infrastructure and technical facilities, development of electronic sales channels.

7. Expansion of cooperation with international financial institutions and foreign banks: development of a network of correspondents, attraction and development of credit lines (ADB, IDB, ICD), increase in the volume of operations in trade finance. Carry out activities in the sphere of improving the international rating and image of banks, increasing the investment attractiveness of the bank and attracting a strategic investor.

8. Improvement of the corporate governance system: introduction of the Corporate Governance Code recommendations, implementation of a more effective information policy, providing for enhancing the bank's image and transparency by forming and consolidating the image of the bank as the most reliable, affordable and technologically sound financial institution.

9. Development of a risk management system based on modern risk-management integrated into business processes.

10. Introduction and implementation of a strong personnel policy: creation of a modern human resources management system, including training, career development, development and self-improvement.

Implementation of purpose and objectives of strategic development of JSCB “ASIA ALLIANCE BANK” shall be carried out within the framework of operated annual Business plans of the bank and its branches being approved by the Board and Bank Management.

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