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A share (stock) - inscribed emissive security of a perpetual maturity, certifying the right of its owner to receive part of the profit of a joint stock company in the form of dividends, to participate in the management of a joint stock company, and to receive part of the property that remains after its liquidation.

Shareholders have the rights to:

  • get included into the shareholders’ register of a respective company;
  • receive the exracts related to themselves from the deposit account at a depositary;
  • receive a part of the profit gained by a Company in form of dividends;
  • receive a part of the property in case of liquidation of a Company in accordance with a share belonging to them;
  • participate in a Management Board of a Company through voting at the General Shareholders’ Meetings;
  • receive in the established order the full and trustworthy information on the results of financial and economic activity of a Company;
  • dispose freely the received dividends;
  • get protection of their rights at a state body authorised for the securities’ market regulation as well as a court;
  • demand, in the established order, the compensation of the losses suffered by them;
  • get united into associations and other non-governmental noncommercial organizations with the aim of representation and protection of their interests;
  • get insurance of the risks connected with possible losses, including missed profit at acquisition of securities;
  • take up shares being sold by other shareholders of this Company, on a price and under the terms of an offer to be made to a third party in proportion to the number of shares belonging to each of them.


Exchange Rates

As of 26.10.2021 (cbu.uz)
1 USD = 10695
1 EUR = 12435.08
1 RUB = 152.55
1 GBP = 14707.76

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