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Guarantee - a written obligation provided by a bank (guarantor) at the request of another person (principal) to pay the principal creditor (beneficiary) in accordance with the terms of the obligation given by the guarantor, a monetary amount upon presentation by the beneficiary of a written demand for its payment.

Guarantees are issued for the following purposes:

  • Payment guarantee;

  • Advance Payment Guarantee;

  • Performance Guarantee;

  • Warranty on deferred payment of mandatory customs payments;

  • Guarantee for participation in tenders;

  • other purposes not prohibited by law.

Terms of Service:

  • Interest rate - in accordance with the bank's tariffs;

  • Collateral under guarantee is a pledge of liquid property satisfying the Bank (real estate, equipment, vehicles, cash) in the amount of not less than 125% of the guarantee amount.

To obtain a guarantee, the principal shall submit to the Bank the following documents:

  • Warranty application;

  • Cash receipts (cash flow), which include entire period of use of the guarantee, are projected binary business plan or accounts;

  • Financial statements of the borrower for the reporting periods (accounting balance sheet and financial result statement);
  • Warranty support documents.

  • The audit report on the results of the last three financial years.

If necessary, the Bank may request additional documents relating to the project.


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