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Deposit boxes

ASIA ALLIANCE BANK offers the new type of services which will unload you and your relatives from concerns and problems related to storing the valuables. We invite you to use individual safes (deposit boxes) for closed storing the documents and valuables. Millions of business people all over the world use individual safes in the bank.

We have equipped the storage of individual bank safes with modern technologies that ensure full inviolability of the contents of deposit boxes. Information on the fact of renting the bank safe is confidential for other clients and third persons; no inventory of deposited valuables will be made, you work independently with your valuables.

You do not need to be worried of anything, as the Bank will ensure maximal security of the content of individual deposit boxes.

Access of third persons (including bank employees) to the valuables is excluded. You will be the only one who has the key.

Sizes of safe deposit boxes

Type Size, mm
Height Width Depth

Tariff for renting the deposit boxes for individuals

Type of safe-box Bank commission of rental
 for 1 month*
Security deposit amount
Type "А"
15% of Base rate ** (excluding VAT)*** 1,5 x Base rate
Type "B"
25% of Base rate (excluding VAT)*** 1,5 x Base rate
Type "C"
35% of Base rate (excluding VAT)*** 1,5 x Base rate
Type "D"
50% of Base rate (excluding VAT)*** 1,5 x Base rate 

*For a long-term lease at the end of 1 year, a discount of 20% of the contract amount is set for the next year when a new contract is concluded for a period of one year or more.

**Base rate – an estimation (instead of minimum wage), implemented as of 1st of September, 2019 in accordance with Presidential Decree No.5723 dd.21.05.2019

***In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On amendments and additions to the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan” dated December 29, 2021 No. URK-741, from April 1 of year 2022, banking services with a fixed fee are included in the taxable object for levying VAT in the amount of 15% of the cost of service.



For loss (non-return) of the key from deposit box by client
actual cost for restoration of keys or the lock + 50% of Base rate (excluding VAT)***

   For damage of deposit box caused by client
actual costs of repairing the deposit box + 50% of Base rate (excluding VAT)***

When you go to vacation, long-term trip, or simply fear for the safety of your valuables in your house, you can use individual safe boxes of our Bank.

In bank safe you can store cash, securities, precious metals and stones, jewelries, confidential documents, antiques, relics, artworks, electronic information carriers and other valuables ​​- in other words, everything that you care about, and that you may want to hide from others’ eyes.

Putting into a safe deposit box and taking out of it the valuable items, as well as the work with them are carried out by the client without supervision of the Bank.

The Bank assumes all responsibility for the safety and security of the safe, and guarantees confidentiality of the information about the client.

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