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A microloan is a convenient and affordable way to quickly get the right amount for any purpose. This modern tool allows people to get out of the difficult financial situation, when they suddenly need a small amount of money for unforeseen expenses related to the need to repair something, pay for schooling, treatment, bills, purchase a ticket, furniture, equipment, or to repay urgently a debt.
The issuance of a microloan by the Bank is made in a non-cash form by crediting funds to a plastic card.

Microloans are provided to individuals who have a steady income, sufficient for monthly debt servicing on a microloan.

«Fursat» Microloan

Maximum amount

up to 50 minimum wages on the day of application

Maximum term

up to 12 months

Form of granting of a credit

on a sum of plastic card, opened in "ASIA ALLIANCE BANK" JSCB

Interest rate

23% per annum

Required documents

an identity document (passport, residence permit, etc.);

a certificate of wages and other payments equivalent to it for the last 12 months, indicating information about the withheld taxes and deductions or other documents confirming existence of stable income in cash;

documents for securing return of a microloan.


  up to 50 (Minimum wages) third party guarantee/insurance policy or other liquid collateral that satisfies the requirements of the bank at a rate of at least 125% of the microloan amount;


Enter amount of loan required
Select number of months for loan repayment
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