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2. Transactions in foreign currency

Name Commission rate Note
2.1. Account keeping
2.1.1. Opening an account, closing and transferring an account (preparing documents for transfer) to another bank no charge
2.1.2. Accrual of interest on clients deposits in foreign currency according to the conditions approved for deposits of corporate clients (link)
2.1.3. Search for funds and monetary documents through SWIFT system 199 000 UZS + partner bank commission + commission for SWIFT (excluding VAT)*

2.1.4. Provision of SWIFT confirmations at the written or electronic request of the client 50 000 UZS (excluding VAT)*
2.1.5. Commission for processing documents submitted on paper 100 000 UZS (excluding VAT)*
Commission is charging for the transactions on the hard copy docs basys, while an Internet-banking service is existing
2.2. Non cash transactions
2.2.1. Crediting incoming funds to the account no charge
2.2.2. Sending SWIFT to any direction (commission for SWIFT) 99 000 UZS (excluding VAT)*
2.2.3. Foreign currency transfers:

а) standard (with d + 1 value) 490 000 UZS + SWIFT commission  (excluding VAT)*
b) urgent (with d + 0 value) 990 000 UZS + SWIFT commission  (excluding VAT)*
c) Option (OUR) 490 000 UZS (excluding VAT)* Charged in addition to clauses 2.2.3 a) or b) (for payments in USD, the guaranteed delivery option is used)
2.2.4. Transfers within the Bank system no charge
2.2.5. Change of transfer conditions, return, cancellation of the transfer (through no fault of the bank) after accepting it for execution 290 000 UZS + SWIFT commission + partner bank commission (excluding VAT)*
2.2.6. Return of unpaid or refused payment documents no charge
2.2.7. Sending client’s daily account statements via SWIFT by agreement
2.2.8. Return of mistakenly received funds 500 000 UZS (excluding VAT)* the commission is charged from the amount of payment in foreign currency at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan on the day of the transaction.
2.3. Cash services in foreign currency
2.3.1. Acceptance of cash in foreign currency and crediting to clients' accounts no charge
2.3.2. Foreign currency cash withdrawall from banks account 0,3% of the amount Commission is charged in national currency at the rate of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan
2.3.3. Acceptance and processing of damaged foreign currency notes 5% of the amount at par Commission is charged in national currency at the rate of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan
2.4. Conversion transactions
2.4.1. Buying / Selling Foreign Currency At the purchase / sale rate of foreign currency set by the Bank on the day of the transaction
2.4.2. Acceptance and consideration of an application for the purchase of foreign currency for national currency 50 000 UZS (excluding VAT)*
2.5. Export, Import and barter contract servicing
2.5.1. Deregistration of unexecuted export, import and barter contract due to transfering to other bank 100 000 UZS for each contract (excluding VAT)*
2.5.2. Issuance of electronic certificate on export and barter contract settlements in the Single Electronic Information System for Foreign Trade Operations 50 000 UZS for each certificate (excluding VAT)*
2.5.3. Reply to written inquiries of clients on export-import contracts 100 000 UZS for each written answer (excluding VAT)*
2.6. Servicing of external borrowing agreements
2.6.1. Servicing an external borrowing agreement 50 000 UZS (excluding VAT)*  payment is charged monthly for each contract
2.7. Bank services related with direct financing of clients by International financial institutions and/or foreign banks
2.7.1. Examination and confirmation of documents 0,1% of the amount of documents + SWIFT fees MIN-30% of Base rate, MAX-15xBase rate (excluding SWIFT fees)
2.7.2. Other services related with direct financing of clients by international financial institutions and/or foreign banks by agreement
2.8. Other transactions in foreign currency
2.8.1. SWAP operations By agreement

General conditions for the application of tariffs:

*In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On amendments and additions to the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan” dated December 29, 2021 No. URK-741, from April 1 of year 2022, banking services with a fixed fee are included in the taxable object for levying VAT in the amount of 15% of the cost of service.

The tariffs established for corporate clients also apply to services for individual entrepreneurs, permanent establishments, representative offices of foreign companies, state-owned enterprises, organizations and others, unless otherwise provided separately.

In cases where a different size of the commission or not charging a commission is established by the requirements of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan or other regulatory acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan, then the sizes and conditions established in these regulatory documents apply.

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