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Deposits 6

  • Can I bequeath money from a bank deposit to my relatives?

    It is possible to bequeath funds on a deposit to your relatives. To do this, you need to certify the will with a notary.

  • Can I open several deposits in my name at once?

    You can. There are no restrictions on the number of deposits. Also, without restrictions, a deposit can be opened online using the bank's mobile application.

  • What is interest capitalization?

    Capitalization of interest is the addition of interest accrued during the period to the principal amount of the deposit and the subsequent accrual of income on the amount of the deposit and the amount of interest added to it. In other words, the calculation of interest on interest.

  • Is it possible to receive interest on the deposit in advance?

    Income in the form of interest on the deposit is paid depending on the type and conditions of the deposit. Interest on the deposit can be received in advance if such an opportunity is provided for under the terms of the agreement, otherwise interest will be paid in the manner established by the agreement.

  • Can I withdraw funds from the deposit ahead of schedule, while retaining income from accrued interest?

    Early withdrawing funds from the deposit, you will not always be able to keep the interest accrued on it, due to the fact that not all types of deposits provide for such conditions. Deposits that provide this opportunity usually have a low interest rate. Moreover, in case of early withdrawal of funds from this type of deposit, the accrued interest on it for an incomplete month burns out, unless otherwise specified in the agreement.

  • How to open a deposit for a minor child, so that when he reaches the age of majority, he can use it?

    A deposit for a minor child can be opened by providing an identity document from the parents and a birth certificate of the child. For example, you can make a deposit from the birth of a child, which is valid until the age of 18.


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