Agency "Ahbor-Reyting" affirmed Asia Alliance Bank’s credit rating in national scale "uzA" with "stable" outlook based on the results of monitoring of bank’s performance in the 3rd quarter of 2012. A bank with "uzA" rating  has a high potential for timely and complete fulfillment of its financial obligations to creditors, depositors and investors.

Following its market strategy Asia Alliance Bank is actively expanding the scale of its banking operations, offering a wide range of modern banking services to corporate clients, small and private businesses and individuals. In the 3rd quarter of 2012, the Bank opened its first provincial branch in city of Karshi, established new correspondent relations with leading foreign banks and held negotiations with International financial organizations to expand Bank’s financial support to small and private businesses in the country.

By the end of 3rd quarter of 2012 net assets of the Bank reached 813.9 billion soums and their size increased by more than 3.7 times compared to the same period of last year. The gross value of Bank’s loan portfolio rose to 65.0 billion soums and its growth was 95.20% compared to 3rd quarter of 2011. The Bank actively increased lending to the real sector of the economy and individuals. RA "Ahbor-Reyting" assesses the quality of Banks’ loan portfolio at an acceptable level. Bank’s reserves for impaired loans amounted 2.03% of the loan portfolio.
The liquidity position of Asia Alliance Bank was considered high. The share of liquid assets in the Bank's net assets stood at 77.12%, and the current ratio was at 102.18%, which indicated a high liquidity cushion for the Bank. The Bank is actively participating in the interbank lending market as a net creditor. Moreover, with the growth of its lending operations, Asia Alliance Bank is taking measures to attract long term debt resources to expand financing long-term investment projects of its clients.
Asia Alliance Bank’s capitalization level was assessed at an acceptable level. By the end of the 3rd quarter of 2012 Bank's own capital reached 54.8 billion soums. The dynamic growth of the scale of Bank’s operations requires expanding the capital base of the bank by internal sources and external funding. Adequate profitability level of the Bank is allowing increasing the capitalization through internal sources.
The main strategic objectives of the Asia Alliance Bank in the coming years will be strengthening the market position of the Bank as a universal commercial bank, expanding bank’s regional network of branches, developing retail operations and increasing the bank’s financial support for small and private businesses.