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Consumer credits are provided to individuals for purchasing goods and services produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan and intended for satisfaction of their consumer needs. 

Loans are provided to physical persons – residents (hereinafter –the"Borrower"), having a permanent job and residence in Tashkent city and Tashkent region, as well as in other areas where there are regional branches of the Bank and those opened demand deposit accounts in national currency at the Bank."

Credit arrangements for medical services.


Credit arrangements for purchasing of household appliances of domestic manufacture.


Credit arrangements for purchasing of furniture of domestic manufacture.


Credit arrangements for purchasing of windows, grids, steel plate door etc.


Credit arrangements for conduction of celebrations.


Credit arrangements for purchasing of air tickets.


Terms of customer crediting:

Maximal amount of credit

500 minimum earnings


up to 12 months – 26 % annually

up to 36 months – 28 % annually

Purpose of credit

Purchasing of the goods, works and services manufactured in the Republic of Uzbekistan

Redemption of principal debt and interests


Documents necessary for obtaining of a credit:

  • Application for credit 
  • Certificate of income of applicant issued by permanent place of work for the last 12 monnths
  • Passport of applicant, copy of which shall be filled to the credit file
  • Contract for the sale of goods or service rendering purchased on account of the credit 
  • Documents for security of credit recovery 

Bank reserves the right to request additional documents for more complete analysis of the borrower's solvency.
Loan agreement
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Enter amount of loan required
Select number of months for loan repayment

The total cost of the loan (hereinafter referred to as “LTC”) is the interest rate in reliable, annual and effective terms, in calculating which the borrower's payments related to obtaining a consumer loan are taken into account.

Сonsumer loan comptometer allows calculate approximate amount of overpayment during the period of loan utilization and approximate sum of monthly deposit.

Сonsumer loan comptometer is suitable to use at the site before you decide to apply to the bank for loan.

At site by means of loan term increase or decrease it is possible to select optimal version on the basis of those funds that you possess for monthly deposit.

When you decide concerning loan, you will apply to the bank where qualified specialists will make consumer loan calculation and execute application.

For reference: minimal salary is presently  — 270 000 sum

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