Overhaul is completed at the threshold of 26-th anniversary of the Republic of Uzbekistan independence celebration, and opening of reconstructed building of city children clinical hospital No.3 will become worthy present from “ASIA ALLIANCE BANK” to the younger generation of our homeland.

According to the “Strategy of cction for the five priority development directions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021” determined by the Decree of the President of the Republic of uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoeyv dated Februart 17, 2017, improvement of population social protection system and its health protection is envisaged.. This program assumes further reform of the healthcare sector, primarily first aid, emergency medical care, aimed at improving the accessibility and quality of medical services to the population and strengthening the material and technical base of medical institutions. Gratifyingly that not only state structures but also commercial organizations are developing the medical sphere.

So, at the beginning of 2015 Joint-Stock Commercial Bank “ASIA ALLIANCE BANK” undertakes noble mission os ponsor for financing overhaul of medical instituion in Tashkent city. Among the many hospitals in need of repair, the City Children's Clinical Hospital No.3 located at address: Beshkairagach Street, 243, Uchtepa district, Tashkent.

Due to the fact that children with developmental pathologies of the earliest age are the most vulnerable, it was decided to place resuscitation, separation of preterm and pathology of newborn children, the department of pathology of infant development, allergology, physiotherapy and internal pharmacy in a new renovated building. It is important to note that it was decided to move the resuscitation from the fourth floor to the first, which significantly reduces the time of rendering medical care to children in serious condition.

The four-story building of the hospital built in 1983 was long in need of renovation and repair. Overhaul was carried out in the main block "A", as well as in the block "B". A significant amount of work has been done to completely replace all engineering systems and networks, household and drinking water supply, sewerage, electricity and electric lighting, telephone lines, replace the entire ventilation system and channel air conditioning in all rooms, and replace doors, windows and metal fencing. On each floor has a fire alarm system, a fire extinguishing system has been replaced, and an oxygen supply system for the intensive care chambers has been completed. Now, thanks to “ASIA ALLIANCE BANK”, reconstructed department of the hospital will receive children admitted for hospitalization by ambulance, and direction in a planned order from children's polyclinics of Uchtepa, Chilanzar, Yakkasaray and Sergeli districts.

After the overhaul, the new building has 169 beds, which is 70 more than it was used before the repair. It is very important that for babies are created comfortable 1 and 2 local chambers with a sanitary unit, a shower cabin. Chambers are equipped with beds for mothers and children of different ages, changing tables, bactericidal irradiators. After the opening of the new building, all small patients will be able to be treated with one of the parents, which will contribute to a quick process of recovery.