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25 Jun 2018

In order to develop remote services and to improve the quality of customer service, a list of providers of goods and services accepting payments through the MyAlliance mobile application for individuals has been added.

 Now you can also pay:

- participation in BORIGA BARAKA quiz show;

- services of the Internet provider TNET;

- use of a free bulletin board on the website www.Megatorg.uz;

- use of the transport information server www.lardi-trans.uz;

- purchase of equipment on the website www.crediton.uz;

- Investment services (invest-funding, fundraising and crowd funding) on ​​the website www.investme.uz

- use of information and entertainment services for users of mobile devices on the site www.mobitel.uz;

- purchases in the online store on the site www.unishop.uz;

- registration of electronic digital signature keys and issue of certificates of electronic digital signatures on the portal E-IMZO.UZ;

- listening to phonograms, video and audiovisual works through the mobile application SADO;

- The supplier's services for the provision of electronic program materials on the website www.abitur.uz.

A complete list of providers of goods and services that accept payment through a mobile application for individuals MyAlliance is hosted by: http://aab.uz/en/private/myalliance/

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