Instruction on connection with service in infokiosk

1. Ins ert card into card vender of infokiosk. Before you menu of language selection will appear:

SMS Inform 1

2. Select language. Then request form for card PIN-code will appear. Enter PIN-code and confirm it.

SMS Inform 2

3. Main menu will appear before you:

SMS Inform 3

4. Select item ‘SERVICE OF SMS-INFORMING”. Manu of this service management will appear:

SMS Inform 4

5. Sele ct menu item “ACCESS SERVICE”. Then form of mobile phone number input will appear:

SMS Inform 5

6. Enter mobile phone number, which you want to connect with your card  in the field “PHONE NUMBER” in  international format 998XXYYYYYYY (without sign “+” in the beginning), check entered n umbers and push button “ «FURTHER”. Then massage will appear about result of service connection. If connection unsuccessful, call to the bank.