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Announcement of an invitation to tender for the supply of new hard drives and their installation on a turn-key basis.

ASIA ALLIANCE BANK JSCB invites you to participate in the tender for the supply of new hard drives and their installation on a turn-key basis.

The purpose of this competition is to increase the free space on the main, backup and remote disk subsystem of IBMStorwizeV 7000, operated by ASIA ALLIANCE BANK JSCB, by purchasing new hard drives and installing them on a turnkey basis specified in Annex No. 1 to this tender documentation.

Requirements for the services, provided within the framework of this competition:

1. The participant of the competition is to deliver fully functional, new (not used and not restored) hard drives.

2. Hard drives must be from the same manufacturer as the disk subsystems.

3. The warranty for hard drives must be at least 12 months.

4. The contest participant must ensure that the equipment supplied by him is compatible and completely, without additional hardware and software, integrated into the existing disk subsystems of the Customer on a turn-key basis.

5. Installation should be done only by certified specialists of the service center of the equipment manufacturer in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan or the bidder must have at least three certified specialists for the supplied components.

6. The participant of the competition must have experience of delivery and installation of turnkey works in this area on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

7. The supplied components must fully comply with the characteristics specified in Annex 1

8. The participant of the competition is responsible for the failure of the hardware of the serviced equipment that occurred due to the fault of the contest participant.

9. The participant of the competition is to perform the following works on installation under the key:

Install new hard disks in existing disk subsystems;

Format the new hard drives according to the customer's request;

Work out and instal file systems on demand of the customer;

Repeat all of the above work with the backup and remote disk subsystem;

Other work in accordance with the requirements of the Customer;

10. In the event that it is not possible to successfully complete the delivery and installation work due to technical or other obvious or hidden reasons of the supplied equipment, the Customer has the right to refuse the supplied equipment.

The prospective participant of the competition must meet the following criteria:

·         - Both foreign and domestic firms and organizations can take part in the competition, which guarantee high quality and timely delivery of services, meeting the requirements for participation in it;

·         - The company should not be in the process of reorganization, liquidation or bankruptcy;

·         - The company should not be in a state of any litigation with the bank.

·         - Established less than 6 months before the announcement of the competition.

Bids should contain the following information and documents:

•   Title page;

• Certificates of technical specialists;

• Confirmation of the status of an authorized IBM partner in the territory of RUz;

• Terms and conditions for the performance of services;

• A commercial offer with a table of prices for supplied equipment and services.

Requirements for execution of the bid:

1. The bid must be submitted in one copy in a sealed envelope.

2. The following details should be stated on the envelope:

a. Name and address of ASIA ALLIANCE BANK JSCB;

b. The subject of the competition;

c. Full name of the participant and his address;

3. The envelope must contain:

a. List of documents included in the bid;

b. A commercial offer, specifying the prices for components, the cost of turnkey installation services, currency of payment and settlement conditions.

Annex 1

to Tender documents

List of hard drives with a turn-key installation in ASIA ALLIANCE BANK JSCB



Hard-disk drive IBMHDD 1.8TB 10KRPM 2.5inSAS



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