Due to the frequent cases of debit and credit card fraud, we would want to remind you to take the following precaution measures:

- Do not tell the PIN code and the verification SMS codes of your card to unauthorized people;

- Do not transfer funds to people you do not trust;

- Do not post pictures with your card to your social media accounts;

- Only use verified online stores and do not enter the card’s information if there is no secure connection (green lock) in the browser;

- to ensure the safety of the transactions on the Internet for foreign exchange cards we recommend connecting the 3D-SECURE service;

- in case you lose the card, contact the bank immediately to block your card in order to prevent unauthorized use, or block it yourself using the mobile application;

- Do not transfer the card to third parties;

- If you are having the suspicion that your card has been hacked, please inform the bank or the authorities.

Be carefull!