Dear customers, every day more and more popular and convenient ways of cashless mutual settlements are becoming.

ASIA ALLIANCE BANK, in order to satisfy consumer requests, constantly increases the range of card products and expands the list of online banking services available to the bank customers 24/7.

In addition, to protect the funds of card holders, the bank is constantly strengthening security measures. So, in order to avoid unauthorized debiting of money from the sender’s card, to transfer funds from card to card (P2P) in the Alliance mobile application, the sender receives an SMS message with a one-time code to confirm the operation.

But, despite all the measures taken, more and more people are subjected to various fraudulent tricks on the Internet. There are more and more criminal schemes, so in order not to lose your money, you need to show vigilance.

We convincingly ask you:

- make purchases only in trusted online stores, and Internet sites;

- no one to transfer data (number and validity of the plastic card);

- never post a photo of your bank card on social networks;

- in no case do not report disposable confirmation codes obtained through SMS notification.

Be carefull!