Taking into account the declared quarantine regime in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the country, the limited access of clients to the bank and possible difficulties associated with their loan payments, “ASIA ALLIANCE BANK” JSCB announces the following:

  • As of April 1, 2020, for all loans (excluding overdraft loans) allocated to individuals with a loan balance of up to 100 million soums, a grace period will be provided for payments on loans in April and May of the current year (March and April, if there are overdue loans payment balance for March of the current year);

  • During the grace period on loans issued to individuals, fines and penalties will not be applied;

  • The main loan debt not repaid during the grace period will be allocated to subsequent payments on the loan after the grace period has expired;

  • The return of interest accrued on the loan during the grace period will be distributed proportionally until the end of 2020 after the grace period has expired.

At the same time, after the grace period expires, the client must contact the Bank for registration of the amendments to the Loan Agreement concluded with the Bank in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation within 10 (ten) banking days.