On May 12, 2020, The President of Republic of Uzbekistan enacted Decree UP-5992 "On the strategy of reforming the banking system of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2020-2025" stating the measures to reduce the government share in the banking sector.

Within the framework of this strategy, it was stipulated to attract strategic foreign investors to the JSCB «ASIA ALLIANCE BANK».

In this regard, taking into account the successful experience of effective bank management, it was decided to transfer the shares of JSCB «ASIA ALLIANCE BANK» managed by State Asset Management Agency to Gor Investment Ltd (Great Britain) which is a major shareholder of this Bank.

The investor will continue maintaining a comprehensive transformation of the Bank, introducing state of the art information technologies and softwares, improving corporate governance, human resources development and increasing the bank's position in international ratings.

In addition, the investor has formed a portfolio of project proposals in the gas chemical, pharmaceutical industries and in the field of education that are expected to be implemented in the regions of Uzbekistan through foreign direct investment.