Dear Clients!

Now payment for goods and services by QR-code is available in the MyAlliance mobile application.

This service allows users to quickly pay for goods and services by scanning a QR code. It is easy, convenient and always at hand!

Payment by QR code via the application MyAlliance:

Step 1. Search QR-code

Suppliers will place cost for the purchase of goods or services in the form of a special QR-code.

Step 2. Scan

The user of MyAlliance will scan the QR code of the seller or supplier in the QR payment section.

Step 3. Payment

After scanning the QR-code, the application will display the data of the supplier, and the user selects the card and enters the amount to complete the payment.

Payment by QR-code works with customers of any Bank of Uzbekistan.

* To Suppliers: To register an E-POS virtual terminal and obtain a QR code, contact the branches of ASIA ALLIANCE BANK