In order to comply with the recommendations of the World Health Organization and in accordance with the requirements of the Special Republican Commission on Coronavirus, in order to fulfill social obligations, JSCB "ASIA ALLIANCE BANK" informs you that:

· The Bank continues to provide full range of services with the presence of a minimum number of employees in the offices - most banking staff being transferred to remote operating mode, or being given a vacation. At the same time, the Bank maintains sufficient presence of a qualified employees number to ensure the full functioning of the Bank and to continue provide a full range of banking services;

· In order to prevent the spread, ASIA ALLIANCE BANK recommends to all corporate and individual customers to minimize visits to Bank offices and actively use distant channels of banking services, including Internet banking, the mobile application "MY ALLIANCE", ATMs and automated bank deposit machines;

·  At lunchtime and when it necessary, the Bank main office and branches may be periodically closed for disinfection;

· Also, please be advised that that the Bank temporarily suspends retail lending operations;

· In case of questions or inquiries please feel free to contact us on +998 71 231 6000.

We hope for your understanding. 

Stay safe at home!