In connection with the recent increase in fraud, we kindly ask you to remember and adhere to the basic safety rules when using plastic cards, Internet and mobile banking

• do not disclose the PIN-code of your card to unauthorized persons

• do not tell anyone the verification SMS confirmation code

• do not transfer funds to doubtful persons

• do not post photos of your cards with their number and expiration date on social networks;

• use only trusted online stores and do not enter card data if the browser does not have a secure connection symbol (green lock)

• to ensure the safety of payments on the Internet for currency cards, we recommend connecting the 3D-Security service.

• in case of loss of the card, immediately contact the Bank to block your card in order to prevent unauthorized use, or block it yourself via a mobile application

• do not transfer the card to third parties

• in cases of suspicion of hacking, please inform the Bank or the police department