Recently, fraud cases have become more frequent, the emergence of fraudulent mailings with false banking services under the name of ASIA Alliance Bank!

In particular, citizens of Uzbekistan received an offer of online loan with admission to the Alliance Bank card, at 10%.

In addition, fake channels and bots were discovered on social networks: “@asia_alliance_foto”, “@chilanzarbranch”, “@asia_alliance_bank”, “@aabuz”, “@asia_alliance”, “@masofaviytolovbot”, https, https, https, https, https, https, https, https, https created using the name, characters (logos) and traditional corporate colors of the bank. Attention: these channels, groups and bots are created with the aim of fraud and attempts to impersonate official accounts. Be careful, especially if you are asking for personal data or money. For your safety, please use only official pages and channels "Asia Alliance Bank" on social networks:





Youtube -

Linkedin -

The request always pay attention to the URL link before making the transition.

Do not believe fraudsters! Be carefull!