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Commission fees for issuing and servicing corporate international bank plastic cards VISA GOLD

2.1. Commission fees for issuing and servicing corporate international bank plastic cards VISA GOLD

Service description VISA GOLD USD/UZS Note
2.1. Issuance of bank cards
2.1.1. IIssuance of main/additional corporate plastic card VISA GOLD 250 000 UZS (including VAT) Commission is paid before the card is issued. Card validity period - 3 years
2.1.2. Re-issuance of the card at the request of the client in case of loss or damage to the card or PIN-code, upon expiration 250 000 UZS (including VAT) paid by the client simultaneously with the application
2.2. Maintaining a bank card account:
2.2.1. Annual card account service fee 250 000 UZS (including VAT) The commission is paid to the client simultaneously with the submission of the application. In case of early closing of the card, the paid commission for the year of service is not refundable.
2.2.2. Insurance deposit 200 $ / 2 000 000 UZS The amount of the insurance deposit is formed at the expense of the client’s funds recorded on the card account. The amount of the insurance deposit is not available for use with the card.
2.2.3. Replenishment of the card by cashless transfer of funds to the card account no charge
2.2.4. Card blocking upon customer request no charge
2.2.5. Payment for goods / works / services 0
excluding the commission of other bank

2.2.6. Issuance of a certificate on the state of the card account with a cover letter from the bank 250 000 UZS (including VAT)
2.2.7. Consideration of disputed operations upon a client’s statement of disagreement with the operation 150 000 UZS (including VAT), for considering each disputed operation 

2.2.8. Provision of information services: SMS notification of completed transactions, access to your personal account no charge
2.2.9. Connection of 3D service - Secure no charge

Special conditions:

Payment of goods / works / services by a corporate card on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan is not allowed (except for payment for air and train tickets - MMS code TSP-4511 and 4722).

These bank tariffs do not determine and do not take into account the tariffs of acquirer banks, whose fees are charged at the places of card use.

General conditions for the application of tariffs:

The tariffs established for corporate clients also apply to services for individual entrepreneurs, permanent establishments, representative offices of foreign companies, state-owned enterprises, organizations and others, unless otherwise provided separately.

In cases where a different size of the commission or not charging a commission is established by the requirements of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan or other regulatory acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan, then the sizes and conditions established in these regulatory documents apply.

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