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Transactions in national currency

1. Transactions in national currency

Name Commission rate Note
1.1. Account keeping
1.1.1. Opening an account, closing and transfering of account to other bank (including preparation of documents) no charge
1.1.2. Accrual of interest on deposits in national currency in accordance to the conditions approved for deposits to corporate clients (link)
1.1.3. Issuance of daily account statements no charge
1.1.4. Issuance of account turnover statements on the hard copy or electronical basys for a specified period upon client's request, including audit company request

а) according to the request of the client with a valid account 15% of base rate* for each statement (excluding VAT)*
b) according to the request of the client who was previously served and closed bank accounts 30% of base rate* for each statement (excluding VAT)*
1.1.5. Opening of a letter of credit 1 base rate (excluding VAT)*
1.1.6. Changing the terms of the letter of credit 1 base rate (excluding VAT)*
1.1.7. Cancellation of a letter of credit no charge
1.2. Non cash transactions
1.2.1. Crediting incoming funds to the account no charge
1.2.2. Outgoing payments processing of corporate customers:

a) external (to other banks) 0,3% from the amount For exporters** - 0,2% from the amount
b) internal (within JCB "ASIА ALLIANCE BANK") no charge
1.2.3. Outgoing payments processing of corporate customers via "Internet-Banking" and "Alliance Mobile" services:

a) external (to other banks) 0,2% from the amount
b) internal (within JCB "ASIА ALLIANCE BANK") no charge
1.2.4. Tax payments to the budget no charge
1.2.5. Transfers to another account of the same client opened in the same and other branch of the Bank no charge
1.2.6. Transfer of collected cash (including a cash deposited directly by a client) to a client's account (primary or secondary) opened in another bank 0,2% of the amount For regional branches: by agreement up to 0.2% of the amount
1.3. Cash transactions (cash services)
1.3.1. Accepting and recounting cash (currency notes), deposited to the bank no charge
1.3.2. Cash withdrawal for salary, pension, allowances, stipend and business trip expenses no charge
1.3.3. Cash withdrawal for other purposes (except for those specified in clauses 1.3.2)   1% of the amount   For exporters** - 0,5% from the amount. No charge if cash is provided by Central Bank
1.3.4. Providing checkbooks 10% of base rate (excluding VAT)*
1.3.5. Fine for loss of checkbook 1 base rate (excluding VAT)*


* In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On amendments and additions to the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan” dated December 29, 2021 No. URK-741, from April 1 of year 2022, banking services with a fixed fee are included in the taxable object for levying VAT in the amount corresponding to the current legislation.

** Exporters - legal entities, as well as individuals carrying out entrepreneurial activities without forming a legal entity - residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan who have concluded export and barter contracts with non-residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the export of goods (works, services) and have credited export earnings to the bank accounts in the amount of at least 50 thousand USD in equiv. in half a year (for enterprises whose activities has a seasonal nature - in a year).

General conditions for the application of tariffs:

The tariffs established for corporate clients also apply to services for individual entrepreneurs, permanent establishments, representative offices of foreign companies, state-owned enterprises, organizations and others, unless otherwise provided separately.

In cases where a different size of the commission or not charging a commission is established by the requirements of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan or other regulatory acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan, then the sizes and conditions established in these regulatory documents apply.

Base rate – an estimation (instead of minimum wage), implemented as of 1st of September, 2019 in accordance with Presidential Decree No.5723 dd.21.05.2019.

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