Starting from the 1st December of 2011 the Asia Alliance Bank launches the new savings deposit “Ipotechniy” (Mortgage).

For the purposes of accumulating the funds and for further formation of initial contribution for the mortgage loan the «Asia Alliance Bank», starting from December 1, 2011, introduces a new 3 year term savings deposit “Ipotechniy” (Mortgage).

Interests on deposit accrue at a rate of 14% per annum subject to capitalization. The initial contribution is not limited and ??additional contributions can be made during the whole effective period of savings deposit. 

Savings deposits can be opened in the Head Office of «Asia Alliance Bank», as well as in any Retail Service Center or mini-bank.

We are also pleased to announce that the term of acceptance of the funds for savings deposit “Bahtli Avlod” has been extended with the same terms and conditions.