To date, retail banking is defined as one of the strategic directions of the Bank. Along with many other banking bank offers in the retail segment of the market and money transfers through the system, «Asia Express» and «Western Union».
International money transfers can save both time and money. Each transfer is protected by a reliable security system which ensures that the money will be paid only to the specified person and quickly. Transfer itself takes a few minutes. Officially declared a period of 10-15 minutes, although in practice it takes only 2-3 minutes. In the minutes CHOAKB «Asia Alliance Bank» will help you make international money transfers anywhere in the world.
Our payment office is located at: Tashkent, Shayhontahurskaya 36.

Basic requirements for sending and receiving money
When you send:
1.document confirming your identity; and surname of the recipient (you may need additional information about the recipient); recipient.

If you receive:
1.document confirming your identity;
2.control number of transfer; and surname of the sender;
4.sender's country;
5.expected amount.