ASIAALLIANCEBANK announces its new loan product – a microloan. Since July 30, 2018, four types of microloans have been launched.

A microloan is a convenient and affordable way to quickly get the right amount for any purpose. This modern tool allows people to get out of the difficult financial situation, when they suddenly need a small amount of money for unforeseen expenses related to the need to repair something, pay for schooling, treatment, bills, purchase a ticket, furniture, equipment, or to repay urgently a debt.

The issuance of a microloan by the Bank is made in a non-cash form by crediting funds to a plastic card or in cash at the bank's cash desk in the amount not exceeding 100 times a minimum wage (18 430 000 soums).

Microloans are provided to individuals aged from 18 to 65 who have a steady income, sufficient for monthly debt servicing on a microloan.

Even more affordable and attractive terms are presented to holders of the plastic cards of "ASIAALLIANCEBANK" JSCB opened as a part of salary projects.

When making micro-loans on a plastic card customers can receive a plastic card with an individual design as a gift.

More details about microcredit products: