Dear Clients! In the mobile application for individuals «MyAlliance» a new service of the traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “Notification of traffic violations” was introduced. This service provides an opportunity to purchase a 30-day subscription to the service of automatic notification of traffic rules violations recorded by video recorder. The cost of a subscription is 1000 soum.

The advantage of using this service through the mobile application «MyAlliance» is that by purchasing a subscription to this service, you need to register a technical passport, number and brand of car only once. In the future, information about violations will be automatically received as an SMS alert, without prior request during the entire period of the subscription. It should be emphasized that instead of the automatically appeared phone number that is registered in the «MyAlliance» application, in this section you can enter the number to which it is preferable to receive a notification about the violations. At the request of traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, for each phone number, only one car can be registered!

Mobile banking “MyAlliance” will provide an opportunity in on-line mode not only to receive an alert about traffic violations committed, but also to pay fines without a commission for these violations, no matter where you are! It is noteworthy that there are no analogues of this service in mobile applications!

Download the app in the online stores of the Play Market or the App Store and you will receive an indispensable assistant in your smartphone!