“Alliance E-Mail” provides the Bank's client with the opportunity to obtain information about flows of funds in his account (receipts/expenditures), as well as current account balance, in the form of messages sent through E-mail. The service is provided to both individuals and corporate clients.
Corporate clients that have enabled this service may upon their request to receive the following information:
• current account balance;
• account statement for the reporting month/day or for a specified period;
• information on encashment of the terminal, which accepts payment by plastic cards;
• credit and debit transactions on corporate card account.
Or, receive real-time automatic notification:
• when the credit and debit transaction is being conducted on the account;
• on account balance at the beginning or end of each day;
• on encashment of the trading terminal, specifying the amount encashed.
Individuals that have enabled this service may upon their request to receive the following information:
• account balance of the plastic card;
• history of credit and debit transactions on plastic card;
• available funds to be credited to the plastic card;
• principal amount and interests accrued and other overdraft information;
• interests accrued on deposits and deposit account balance.
Or, receive real-time automatic notification when:
• funds are credited to the plastic card, specifying the amount of funds available for withdrawal;
• Bank receives information on the expenditure made on the plastic card;
• regular interests on deposit were accrued.
The information is being generated in the form of E-mail messages and sent to the client's mailbox registered in the system, and this provides the client with significant convenience in the use of this service.
Advantages of “Alliance E-Mail” system:
- possibility of obtaining information in real time regardless of the working hours of the Bank’s staff;
- possibility of using the system from both a personal computer connected to the Internet network and the mobile phone connected to GPRS/WAP services;
- receiving SMS-notifocations on new incoming messages in the client's mailbox (similar to SMS-banking)*;
- exchange of information between mail server and clients through secured channel.
How to enable “Alliance E-Mail” system:
- come to the Bank office with a passport;
- fill in an application form;
- receive an envelope with the access to service management.  
The service is organized in cooperation with “DodaMediaSolutions” LLC, and additional features such as SMS-notification and encrypted exchange of information between the mail server and the client is provided through the service mail.doda.uz.