Asia Alliance Bank introduced two new savings deposits "Oila farovonligi” and “Qulay omonat” on February 1, 2012.
“Oila farovonligi” savings deposit is to be opened for one year. The minimum amount of deposit is not limited. Interest paid on deposit is 24% per annum. Interest is paid quarterly and at the end of deposit term without capitalization. Additional contributions can be accepted to savings deposit.

“Qulay omonat” savings deposit was developed by bank for payment of utility bills at the expense of interest accrued on deposit. Interest paid on deposit is 23% per annum, without capitalization. Savings deposit can be opened for a period of one year. Interest is accrued monthly and transferred for paying depositor’s utility bills.

Above mentioned savings deposits can be opened at the Head office of Asia Alliance Bank, as well as at any Retail Services Center or Mini-banks.