“Asia Alliance Bank” POJSCB is a young and dynamically developing bank in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Bank operates under the License for performing bank operations issued by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan under No.79 dated August 15, 2009. The Bank has strong positions in all major markets of banking services - lending, operations with securities, plastic cards, cash management services, foreign exchange, market of resources for corporate clients and individuals. Due to its sound strategy, consistent financial policy, adherence to the values of civilized business operations the Bank has gained a reputation of a strong and reliable partner. In order to learn more about this bank we present to your attention an interview of the Senior specialist of the Marketing and Advertising Department of the Asia Alliance Bank - Sabirova Nargiza Bakhodirovna.
Why the name “Asia Alliance” was chosen for your bank and what does it reflect? Doesn’t the name of your bank in English pretend to exclusivity and universality of Western values, a kind of superiority complex?

In the XXI century it is difficult to surprise someone, therefore, I think, when choosing the name for our bank, its founders had no any superiority complexes. We also do not pretend for exclusivity or universality of Western values. Asia, and to put it differently – the East European countries have always strived for integration, and for alliance of trade, economy and culture between the countries. A striking example is the Great Silk Road. We strive for such high values ??as creation and unification of two cultures. On this basis, even in the name of our institution there is a symbolic meaning of integration between the East and the West, e.i. there is an English word “alliance” (union) next to the word “Asia”.

What was the purpose of creating your bank?

To put it metaphorically: banks are the driving belts of the economy. The banks were entrusted with the function to maintain the circulatory system of the economy. It should be noted that the successive reforming of banking system of our country, which has been carried out under the leadership of the President Islam Karimov, has allowed to achieve significant economic growth, increase in the bank’s capitalization, expansion of the private sector lending and improvement of the quality of banking and financial services. Consequently, the private open joint-stock commercial bank “Asia Alliance Bank”, which started its activities in September of the last year, being a new member of the banking services market, intends to support domestic economy by financing the real economy sector and accelerating the investment processes.

What is the advantage of AAB over other banks?

The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in his speech at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers has clearly highlighted the need for continuation of the work on strengthening the role of commercial banks in financing the small businesses, private entrepreneurs, farm businesses. Thus, the services of our bank, first of all, will be directed to supporting the small businesses and private entrepreneurs. Lending to manufacturing enterprises will always be a priority direction of our activity. But it does not mean that the Bank will be limited with a single market segment.

What types of services are the most promising today? What you are developing and will develop first of all?

As one of the commercial banks of Uzbekistan, we intend to pursue a purposeful policy on attracting the new client groups, activization of the work with international financial institutions on long-term investment programs, introducing the new types of banking services aimed at increasing the bank's share in the market of deposits and card business, as well as retail business development.

What qualities should the ideal bank employee have?

Bankers in Uzbekistan can be recognized even with the naked eye: in most cases they are slender, fit, tidy specialists. Certainly, these characteristics are just a visual appearance. As you know, “Theatre begins with a hanger” and so does the appearance. However, first of all, the ideal bank employee must possess such qualities as diplomacy, exactingness to himself and to his subordinates if he is a manager, and must be diligent, qualified specialist who constantly works on improving himself. The banker must work on improving his skills; properly and promptly solve any problem assigned to him. The real bank employee must know his job and comply with the legislation of our country.

What is an advantageous distinction of your bank over other banks?

The principal one is that we work for our clients and satisfy their needs. We have already chosen the Bank development strategy on creation of client base; we try to quickly and adequately respond to the changes in market conditions of the banking services; we try to minimize the time spent on customer service, as well as material resources to develop and introduce new products. Although our bank is relatively young in the market of Uzbekistan, we have a sufficient opportunity to find our niche in this market: highly specialized bank specialists with the good work experience are our invaluable capital.

What tasks must the bank solve in the near future?

Asia Alliance Bank strives for combining the high quality with efficient decision making and individual approach to each client, and thus occupying a stable position in the market of banking services provided for businesses and individuals. Presently, the Bank’s clients include more than 200 legal entities and individual entrepreneurs that we work with on a continuous manner to strengthen our partnerships. The active work on building a client base has resulted in the growth of banking operation volumes.
What do you think should be changed in the quality of client servicing?

Efficiency, Accuracy and Integrity - these are the qualities that will provide us high quality service. The ability to work in a corporate spirit, solve problems in a team, on my point of view, will ensure the success in our activities.

As we know, one of the bank’s priority directions is attracting deposits from the population, isn’t it? What steps does the bank take to increase the flow of funds?

One of the main tasks assigned today to the Bank’s management is to create a stable deposit base. Pursuant to the decrees and decisions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan to strengthen public confidence in the banking system, reduce non-bank cash turnover, as well as further stimulate the attraction of available funds of the population to deposits of commercial banks, the Bank has introduced bank deposits and carries out active work on attracting available funds of population. Thus, in October of the previous year the Bank has offered the following deposits to the population: “Alliance Express”, “Alliance Bonus”, “Alliance Premium” and “Alliance Capital”. Terms for these deposits have been developed taking into account provision of alternative choices and their purposeful attractiveness for the depositors. Among other most significant directions of developing retail business, it is worth noting the bank's plans in the field of consumer lending, increasing the volume of transactions on accepting the public utility payments, as well as active introduction of services based on settlements performed by using plastic cards.
What innovative services will you offer in the near future?

In order to maintain the clients’ loyalty the bank carries out consistent work on introduction of new innovative services. When we introduce modern technologies, we primarily think about our clients and offer them a full range of banking services. For example, the “Alliance E-Mail” service enables the Bank's client to obtain information about the flow of funds in his account (receipts/expenditures), as well as the current account balance in the form of messages sent through e-mail. The service is provided to both individuals and corporate clients. The Bank has also introduced such services as “Internet Banking”, “SMS-banking”, etc.

“Asia Alliance Bank” is ready to further work constantly on introduction of innovations and development of unique services in order to improve the quality of services provided to its clients.

Nelly Karimova, specially for Bank.uz