ASIA ALLIANCE BANK has developed a new Internet banking system – “IB2”.

IB2 (Internet Banking 2) is a second generation Internet banking system, which provides remote banking services to the bank’s clients, legal entities.

IB2 system differs from its predecessors in the following positions:

- new, convenient, more simplified interface for sending money and viewing the history of operations;

- viewing and monitoring operations on corporate plastic cards UZKART;

- electronic sending of statements for salary projects (for crediting the salary to the employees’ plastic cards);

- viewing the status of payment orders in foreign currency;

- viewing the status of import contracts and letters of credit;

- setting SMS/E-mail/Fax notifications through IB2 (SMS-banking service management);

- reports constructor (clients can create desired reports on their own);

In addition, one of the main advantages of IB2 is integration of western countries’ security system. Technology of SecureID keys. These are the key chains, which change password every minute. This keychain increases the security of IB2 Internet Banking System.