We inform You that on November 6, 13, 20 and 27, 2021 international money transfers in "Oltintepa" and "Tarakkiyot" banking service centers will be available via the international systems Zolotaya Korona, Western Union, Money Gram, Contact, Unistream and Asia Express.

In addition, these days in the mobile application of MyAlliance, remote receipt of money transfers received through the systems Zolotaya Korona and Asia Express will be available, with the transfer of the received funds to a sum or international plastic cards. Money transfers from plastic cards of Sberbank to cards of our bank are credited online 24/7.

Addresses and telephones of banking service centers:

«Oltintepa» BSC –39, Oltintepa str., Yashnabad district, Tashkent/ tel. (71) 269-58-72.

«Taraqqiyot» BSC- ,Mirabad district, Islam Karimov street 17, Tashkent / tel. (71) 256-25-51.