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MyAlliance is a mobile application of “ASIA ALLIANCE BANK”, which allows users to easily and conveniently manage their funds regardless of the weekends in 24/7 mode. By using this application you can manage your bank cards, place your funds in deposits, make payments on credits, transfer funds to other cards and complete other operations directly from your mobile phone.

By installing «MyAlliance» you can:

- pay for goods and services - free of charge;

- repay loans - free of charge;

- remotely open deposits - free of charge;

- carry out transfers of P2P money between UZS cards issued in the ASIA ALLIANCE BANK system -  free of charge;

- carry out transfers of P2P money between currency cards issued in the ASIA ALLIANCE BANK system - 0.5% of the transfer amount;

- convert currency from UzCard cards to conversion cards VISA Exchange and Union Pay Exchange, issued in the system ASIA ALLIANCE BANK;

- receive money transfers using international money transfer systems (Unistream, Asia Express, Contact).

With MyAlliance application, you will be completely sure that your money are in secure, because the application meets all modern information security requirements. Your transactions in MyAlliance application are protected by one-time unique codes. In case of problems and difficulties during the time usage of the application, do not hesitate to contact (+998) 71 231-60-00.

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List of suppliers of goods and services for individuals through the mobile application MyAlliance

Supplier’s name



Account replenishment (Beeline)

JV "Rubicon Wireless Communications"

Account replenishment (PerfectumMobile)


Account replenishment (UCell)


Account replenishment (UMS)


Account replenishment (UzMobile)

JSC " Uzbektelecom "

Fixed telephone network, internet and IPTV

JV " Uzbektelecom international"

Payment for residential telephone (telephone urban set)

JSC "Uzbektelecom"

Internet and IPTV

IP-TEL (international telephony and toll telephony)
IP-TEL " Central Telegraph Office" and "Uztelecom" (on-line payment, on-line replenishment)

LLC "EastTelekom"

Account replenishment (IP-TEL, IP-TV, internet and other telecommunication services)

LLC "Ars - Inform"


JV LLC "SarkorTelekom"

All Supplier's services, including provision of access to the Internet, provided to the Subscribers, telecommunication access to OTT content of the Provider - TV channels, TV versions of Kinoman.uz, Mover.uz resources, online viewing, recording and storage of video / video streams from IP CCTV cameras to server equipment of the company for a period, according to the terms of the user's price plan

JV LLC "Buzton"

Internet and «Buzton» international telephony
Internet - replenishment (on-line)



FE LLC "NetCity"

Internet - replenishment (on-line)

LLC "Lit-Tel"

Internet «Skyline»
Internet «Skyline» replenishment (on-line)


Internet TPS replenishment

On-line viewing of audiovisual works (films, cartoons, etc.) on www.player.uz website

JV LLC "Unitech"

Internet and IP telephony Platinum connect (PC) International cellular communication and roaming of GSM third-party operators, rendered outside the Republic of Uzbekistan PlatinumMobile. Services of long-distance and international communication in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan Platinum connect on-line

LLC "ToshkentTaksofoni"

International telephony (TeleKarta, OXYGEN NETWORKS)
OxygenNetworks phone card account replenishment

JSC "Tashkent electrical networks",

Enterprises of heating and electrical networks


UEMV "Туямуюн-Ургенч"

Cold water

SUE «Сувокова»

water supply and sewerage

Territorial branches of regional gas supply

natural gas

"Махсустранс" PU

household waste disposal


Internet SIMUS ISP pin-codes

Internet SIMUS account replenishment (on-line)

LLC "SuperiMax"

Internet EVO

LLC "TIRS Diling"

Selecting advertisement on www.olx.uz

LLC "BAYA Press"

Raising and selecting a resume on the site www.MyJob.uz, sending the resume to the VIP-room of the company, subscribing individuals to the newspaper "Карьера+", checking the reliability of data in the resume, passing the testing, ordering specialist advice (in various areas), " invisibility" service


«Personality characteristics»


«Comnet» Internet and IPTV «TVCOMPAY»


Downloading audiobooks on www.audiobook.uz

LLC "YuldoshConsult"

Placement or purchase of information products on the business planning portal www.bizplan.uz by available means

LLC "InformService TV"

ISTV internet services and digital television

LLC "MediabayAsia"

Online TV through the internet on www.mediabay.uz


Services for the placement of ads on goods sold and services provided to the public on www.irr.uz

LLC "Qlaster Web Telekom"

Consulting services (preparation of a full package of constituent documents, as well as sketches of official seal and a corner stamp, etc.), as well as services for registration of second-level domain names on the "internet" telecommunications network of data transmission


Online viewing of licensed films of domestic and foreign production on www.cmaxx.uz

LLC "Clever IT Media"

Placement of banner ads; getting a VIP status by the user; view licensed video content on the Internet on www.kinopro.uz


Providing the subscriber with access to paid TV channels for terrestrial digital television and/or additional services for installation, configuration

and maintenance of subscriber equipment


Installation and maintenance of house intercom equipment

LLC "Developer Group"

Non-exclusive rights to use the software on www.dastur.uz


Services on storage and information placement on www.dump.uz

LLC "Test Kitob"

Online testing of graduates of schools, colleges, lyceums and the population on the website www.tak.uz, subscription to periodicals (newspapers, magazines, books, etc.)

LLC "Original Kreativ"

Search and placement of information on www.uzbazar.uz


Informing parents about attendance, rating scores and marks of students of educational institutions via the Internet on www.schoolface.uz

LLC "New Generation Media"

Providing paid access to a file-sharing resource on the Internet on www.nnm.uz

LLC "Shelter Group"

Placement of an ad on www.tom.uz

PE "Namangan Software Developers"

Mobile apps providing on GooglePlayMarket

LLC "Cherry Design"

CherryWidgets program for online consulting, online viewing of licensed films and other services on www.Cherry.uz and www.Kinopokaz.uz

LLC "Axoft International"

"Kaspersky Anti-Virus", "ESET NOD32" antivirus programs


Subscription services for periodicals on www.E-linepress.uz

LLC "Smart Card"

Services of informing parents about the attendance of students of educational institutions via the Internet

LLC "Profi Education"

online testing of entrants through the Internet on www.Itest.uz

LLC "Ad Direct Service"

Services of placement of advertisements via the Internet on www.Aaddirect.uz


Electronic diary for informing parents about students of

general education institutions on www.Uchenik.uz

LLC "Sharq Telekom"



Online viewing of audiovisual works (films, cartoons, etc.) and providing paid access to

a file-sharing resource on the Internet on the vendor's website www.Agr.uz.

PE "Akmal Ziyo"

Downloading and online reading e-books on the supplier's website www.Kitobxon.com

LLC "Asar Technology"

"Evrika.uz" service for sending short messages (SMS) to the mobile phone number of the subscriber to notify parents on the quality and control of students' studies

LLC "Solar Network"

Internet services of "SONET" trademark

Internet services of "SONET" trademark account replenishment (online)

LLC "Information Technologies and Security"

Placement of advertisements on www.Zor.uz


Interactive TV (IPTV) of i-TV brand

NETCO internet

Analog TV of "NETCO TV" brand


e-books sale on www.Kitobim.com


Providing access to videos on www.Mnogo.uz portal

LLC "Net Television"

Fibernet internet

LLC "Nano Telecom"

"NanoTelecom" internet

LLC "TNH Sarmoya"

Distribution of discount cards "BarakaCard", granting users the right to receive discounts for goods and / or services

LLC "Seide International"

Search, placement, fixing of information materials, as well as other services on www.Uybor.uz portal of real estate


Maintenance of access control and management system

LLC "Dono Production"

Filling out application forms on www.Dono.uz for participation in casting for films and serials, made by Dono Production LLC


Online testing of users through the Internet on www.Uztest.uz

LLC "NewLineSolutions"

Domain name registration in UZ domain

LLC "PharmBenefit  Group"

Online viewing of audiovisual works (films, cartoons, etc.) on www.Muvi.uz


Cable TV and Internet access for subscribers


"FreeLink" Internet

PE "SaminaProject"

Provision of contacts for users by their applications posted on www.100uslug.uz

LLC "MacroStarTextile"

Services of www.Vmeste.uz website

LLC "KamronnurIlmZiyosi"

Services of www.Iqtidor.uz (online testing)


Receiving orders through MyTaxi mobile application on the provider’s device


Online viewing of audiovisual works on www.Tasx.uz

LLC "WebInvestment"

Online viewing of audiovisual works on www.oxo.media(oxo.uz)


Information and entertainment services for mobile users on www.Station.uz

LLC "Primemediasolution"

Provision of paid content, games and gifts in www.Odnoklassniki.ru social network


Online testing of entrants through the Internet on www.Besttest.uz website

LLC "Allmedia safe service"

Online viewing of audio and video films on Allmovies.uz and Allplay.uz

LLC "Suvan net"

Hosting and domain registration in uz zone under Ahost.uz brand

LLC "Insane Tech"

Usage of GoTaxi mobile application

LLC "Build happy future"

Registration and filling out application forms on Aore.uz


Distribution of coupons that give users the right to discounts on goods and / or services on supplier's www.Mykupon.uz website and "Mykupon" mobile application.

LLC "Online Startup"

Online promotion of author's audio lessons on www.Prep.uz

LLC "Volt Express"

GPS monitoring for individuals and entities via the web interface and a mobile application that allows

to monitor your car (object, for example couriers) or company cars on the supplier's website www.Rocket.uz.

LLC "Passport Viza Consult"

Passport and visa services online on the supplier's website www.Paspviza.uz.

LLC "Nowmedia Technologies"

Organizing a music streaming service on supplier's www.Lamuz.uz website

LLC "Oreal Plus TV"

Digital cable television

LLC "Mikroelektronika Plus"

The service of electronic payment system for vehicles using special NFC cards under of UzTransTo`lov brand

LLC "Rose Market"

Online service of delivery of flowers and gifts on www.Tulip.uz supplier's website.


Online reference book on www.I-xizmat.uz supplier's website


Online taxi ordering by means of AlfaTaxi mobile application


Search for wholesale prices of medicines and medical products through the ABU program: MegaPrice

LLC "Super-Taksi-Kredit"

Online taxi ordering by means of supplier's HELLO TAXI mobile application


Promotion of the master profile on supplier's www.Ustabor.uz website

LLC "Daniel Group Telecom"

Providing Internet services to individuals under DGT brand


Real estate search and placement of real estate announcements on www.1000kvartir.uz site of the supplier


Listening to phonograms, videos and audiovisual works by means of SADO mobile application

LLC "Protection Technologies Systems"

Maintenance services for intercom equipment under the brand DOMOFONUZ

LLC "Nova Group"

Internet provider under the trademark TNET

LLC "Norma"

Services of the provider of electronic program materials on www.abitur.uz website


GPS monitoring service via Zimax GPS mobile application

JSC «KAFOLAT Insurance Company»

Services of statutory motor third party liability insurance

PE «InvestMe»

Investment services (investfunding, fundraising and crowdfunding) on www.investme.uz website

LLC «Cargomax Info»

Transport-information server on www.lardi-trans.uz website

LLC «Mobi Tel Inform»

Information and entertainment services for mobile users on www.mobitel.uz site


Online store on www.unishop.uz site

LLC «Missiriya Trans Biznes»

Wholesale and retail trade on www.crediton.uz website

SUE «Scientific and information center of new technologies»

Registration of electronic digital signature keys and issue of digital signature certificates


Exchange Rates

As of 26.10.2021 (cbu.uz)
1 USD = 10695
1 EUR = 12435.08
1 RUB = 152.55
1 GBP = 14707.76

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