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International money transfers can save your time and money. Within minutes, «ASIA ALLIANCE BANK» will help you to transfer your money to any point of the globe.

Basic requirements for using international money transfer services in our bank:
When you send:

  • The document proving your identity;
  • Name and surname of the recipient (sometimes bank may need more information about the recipient);
  • The country of the recipient.


Transfer your money only to the person whom you know.

Do not disclose information about the transfer to anybody except  the recipient.

 If you receive:

  • The document proving your identity;
  • Transfer control number;
  • Full name of the sender (it can be required additional information from sender); 
  • The country of the sender 
  • Amount of transfer.

In order to get more information and select the most suitable type of money transfer services, depending on the direction, amount and urgency of the transfer, as well as the  transfer fees, you can visit any branch of the bank and mini-banks and use international money transfers systems.

Also you can receive international money transfer without coming to the Bank branches by using Bank’s distance services and crediting the transfer amount into your plastic card in ASIA ALLIANCE BANK in foreign or national currency.

A short guide on crediting your transfers to the plastic card

If you received a money transfer via international money transfer systems KoronaPay, Western Union, Contact, Unistream or AsiaExpress, you do not have to come to the bank to receive it! You can credit the money transfer received in US dollars to a plastic card opened with «ASIA ALLIANCE BANK».

By systems KoronaPay, Contact, Unistream or AsiaExpress to a plastic card in foreign currency (US dollars) or national currency, at the request of the client.

Through the Western Union system, a transfer can only be credited to a card in a foreign currency.

To complete this process you need to:

- have a plastic card of ASIA ALLIANCE BANK JSCB in a national currency or in a foreign currency (in US dollars) for crediting a money transfer;

- have a connection to the MyAlliance Mobile application, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Market.

In order to credit the money transferred to you by means of MyAlliance application, you need to go to the section "Money transfers" and send information about the transfer to the bank.

To complete this process you need to:

- Select the desired money transfer system;

- Enter the sender's surname;

- Enter the sender's name;

- Enter the sender’s patronymic;

- Select from the list the transfer country;

- Enter the control number of the transfer;

- Enter the sender's phone (optional);

- Enter the exact amount of the transfer in US dollars;

- Choose from the list of credit cards at will, your credit card in foreign or national currency, to which you need to credit the money transfer;

- Select the "Refer to Processing to Bank" window and send a mobile message.

The mobile message will be sent to you by the money transfer operator in the "New" status. The operator on the basis of the data provided from you pays a money transfer from the money transfer system, you as a customer receive an SMS message about the replenishment of the account for the amount of the transfer, the mobile message in the My Alliance application will become "Processed".

If the data provided by you about the money transfer is different from the information in the money transfer system, the operator does not transfer money from the system. You as a customer will receive a message about the refusal of the operation and the mobile message in the My Alliance application will become "Refused" stating the reason.

Attention! The operator will be able to process the application only during the working period of the bank, reserved for customers’ service, except for the KoronaPay transfer.

The MyAlliance mobile application for the KoronaPay system works online, 24/7.

List connected to the bank money transfer systems

Tariff for remitting money (in USD) to abroad through “KoronaPay” money transfer system

Transfers in the country



transfers with conversion

South Ossetia

1%, not more than $ 40/Euro

Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine

1%, not more than $ 30/Euro

Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, Greece, Czech Republic, Mongolia, Israel



1%, min $ 5






to $ 2000 - $ 10

from $ 2000 to $ 4999- $ 15

from $ 5000 to $ 10 000- $ 20

Belgium, Spain, Italy


Name of division



Operation division

Mini bank «Oltintepa»

39, Oltintepa str., Yashnabad  district,
Tashkent city

71 269-58-72, 71 269-59-80

Mini bank «Dustlik»

Olmazar, 6/7, Tashkent city

71 254-70-30, 71 245-70-92

Mini bank «Yunusabad»

Tashkent city, Yunusabad district, crossing street A.Timura, A.Donish and st. Muradova.

71 225- 29-30

Shaykhontokhur branch

Shaykhontokhur branch

87a, Shaykhontakhur str., Tashkent city

71 228-69-33

Mini bank «Minor»

57/1G, Kichik Hulk Yuli str.
Tashkent city

71 234-44-51

Olmazor branch

Olmazor branch

13B, Shimoliy Olmazor str., Tashkent city

71 230-42-10, 71 230-42-06

Mini bank «Tansikboev»

array Karakamysh 2/4 house1, Tashkent city

95 475-42-00

Mirzo-Ulugbek branch

Mirzo-Ulugbek filiali

Mirzo-Ulugbek district, Ziyolilar str, 1, Tashkent city

71 262-33-69

«Dunyo» Mini banki

 Mirzo-Ulugbek district, Buyuk Ipak Yuli massif (former C-1), 26, Tashkent city

71 236-03-18

Mirabad branch

Mirabad branch

Fargona yuli  str. 532/1, Tashkent city

71 299-52-43, 71 299-51-83

Mini bank «Taraqqiyot»

 Mirabad district, Islam Karimov str. 17.,Tashkent city

71 256-25-51

Mini bank «Innovation»

 Mirabad district, Nukus Str. 29.,Tashkent city

 71 254-83-77

Karshi branch

Karshi branch

Kashkadaria region, Karshi city
Intersection of Uzbekistan str. and H. Juraev str.


Mini bank «Yuksalish»

Karshi city, Karlikbogod str., "Central-market  trading" number № 226


Bukhara branch

Buxoro branch

Bukhara city, B. Nakshbandi str. 195-А

(8-365) 223-04-08

Samarkand branch

Samarkand branch

Samarkand city, Kamol Otaturk str.

(8-366) 231-00-33 , 231-18-30

Fergana branch

Fergana branch

Fergana city, Uzbekistan ovozi str 4.

(+998 73) 244-37-37


Exchange Rates

As of 21.10.2021 (cbu.uz)
1 USD = 10682.01
1 EUR = 12417.84
1 RUB = 150.45
1 GBP = 14712.33
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