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Description and possibilities of the "CLICK" system

"CLICK" system – it is a system of mobile banking allowing individuals perform the payments by way of mobile phone (through USSD\SMS-portal) or Internet (through Web\Web-mobile) for services of cellular operators, internet providers; transfer monetary funds to other individuals, retail business establishments (shopping in supermarkets, payment in restaurants and cinema); make online purchases in Internet shops directly from its own bank account. The payment through "CLICK" system is made in two ways: by way of Internet site or USSD-request from mobile phone connected to deposit account or account of plastic card. The payment through Internet site (https://my.click.uz, https://m.click.uz) is effected directly from the account in the online mode by means of selection of required goods and services; the payment by means of mobile phone is made by way of USSD-request (to short number *880#). This technology allows make payment in any place and in any time irrespectively to availability of internet.

Main capabilities of "CLICK":

  • Effecting of payments through mobile phone or Internet directly with bank account of individuals without the use of cash funds;
  • Management of outstanding invoice with the help of USSD/SMS/WEB – portal;
  • Transfer of funds to other user CLICK system;
  • Transfer of funds from one account to another;
  • Capability of fulfillment of «Autopayment» service allowing permanently maintain the balance in в «working» condition;
  • Review of history of payments;
  • Online check of balance of bank accounts;
  • Receipt of account details;
  • SMS-notifications upon bank accounts;
  • Repayment of credit from CLICK - account and more.

Our primary benefits are the following:

Accessibility. Thanks to possibility od send USSD-requests upon negative balance and without the use of internet, the user may effect the payment from its own bank account at any time, even though his number is blocked. Whereby, in order to use of system there is no necessity for any programs installation to the phone: sending USSD-requests is possible from any mobile phone.
Nearness. Possibility of top up, manage own bank account, not visiting for this purpose branches of the bank and regardless of location of the nearest self-service terminal or payment acceptance outlet of operators and payment systems. Possibility of payment, without leaving home. There is the whole payment system in each subscriber’s pocket.
Convenience. Connection to the system do not requires opening of special accounts in the bank and depositing of the funds to any other accounts. Our system allows «connect» one’s number to any other, account of individual which is already-existing.

How to connect UZCARD online?

In order to add the plastic card to UZCARD-CLICK the request shall be send from the phone in which service SMS - information is accessed

*880*0* number of card * effective period #

Number of card – it’s a number of your plastic card. Its indicated on the card and consist of 16 symbols (this number shall be dialed without gaps)

Effective period - expiration date of card. Its indicated on the card and consist of 4 symbols indicated through dash (this number shall be indicated without dash)

Then the system will inform that the request for connection is accepted. Upon successful registration the system CLICK will send SMS-message and will require to dial single USSD - command of UZCARD-Click service -*880 # (call-button) and determines unique CLICK-PIN code by which further you will confirm your payments.

IMPORTANT! CLICK-PIN code shall not be known to unauthorized persons but at the same time must be easy-to-remember for You.

 Also upon first entrance into USSD-menu, system CLICK offers you to choose language and requires to confirm your consent with conditions and tariffs. The system will remember your choice and subsequently will reflect menu on language elected by you. If necessary, the language may be changed in the option of “Settings”.

Congratulations! Now you are the user of UZCARD – CLICK and you can make payments directly from your phone.

Connection to the system CLICK and use of USSD- menu - free of charge! SMS-message with mark «CLICK”- free of charge!

How to disconnect the plastic credit card from UZCARD – CLICK

 In order to disconnect the online card Uzcard from click through request USSD it is necessary to dial *880# (call-button) >>> choose option 4 in settings >>> and once again choose option 4>>> choose option 1. Upon that your online card Uzcard will be disconnected from click system.

If you have two cards it is necessary to choose the main account.

For this purpose, dial *880# (call-button) >>> choose option 4 of settings >>> option 3 of card management >>> option 2 main account >>> option 2 for payment. Upon that you will find 2 online cards in menu settings in order for choose card you want to disconnect.

Methods of recharge

CLICK-account may be recharged in one of the following ways:

  • Depositing of monetary funds, received a salary, pension, scholarship, dividends etc.;
  • Entering disposable funds through counter of bank;
  • Transfer of funds from their own of bank accounts opened in one of commercial banks of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Transfer of funds from user’s plastic cards.


Exchange Rates

As of 20.01.2022 (cbu.uz)
1 USD = 10817.25
1 EUR = 12266.76
1 RUB = 141.38
1 GBP = 14726.6

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