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For small businesses and private enterprises ASIA ALLIANCE BANK offers the following loans.

Loans are granted on conditions of repayment, payment, security, urgency and intended use.

Taking into account the self-repayment of the credited event, loans are issued for the following periods:

  • For replenishment of working capital - up to 18 months;

  • For the formation of working capital to start the activities of the borrower and the development of feasibility study for the investment project - up to 12 months;

  • To replenish working capital for the organization of agricultural production - up to 24 months;

  • For investment projects - up to 36 months.

The amount of the loan is determined based on the needs of the debtor.

In investment projects, participation of the Borrower's own funds in the project must be at least 25%.

Loans are issued for the following purposes:

  • The loans for replenishment of working capital are provided for the purchase of raw materials, the purchase of materials and components, payment for services and work completed, replenishment of inventory, expansion of the assortment, seasonal purchases, business expansion, etc.

  • Loans for investment projects are provided for the purchase of equipment for various purposes, light and freight vehicles, special equipment for various purposes, real estate, other fixed assets used in business, etc.

Interest rate is set based on risks, sources of financing and other factors for the implementation of projects;

Collateral - liquid collateral satisfying the Bank (real estate, equipment, vehicles, deposits, deposits, etc.) in the amount of at least 125% of the loan amount.

List of documents for preliminary consideration of the project:

  • Loan application;

  • Basic documents of the borrower;

  • Documents confirming the right of a person to sign a loan agreement on behalf of the borrower;

  • Business plan indicating the forecast of cash receipts to the borrower's bank account (cash flow);

  • The balance sheet (form No. 1) and the report on financial results (form No. 2) of the borrower for the last reporting period, submitted to the relevant state tax inspectorate;

  • Acts of reconciliations on debts for a period of more than 90 days.

This list is not exhaustive for considering the issue of financing, and Bank employees may request other information and documents relating to the project under consideration.

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